Loyal Worker vs Corporate Politician Bully

Good people still exist!!!!!!!!!!

I have been tortured and tormented by bad management since may of 2011. Thinking life was about to change and my dream is finally in action, I was excited to hear I had gotten the position to train one of the most complex subjects there is, Medicare insurance plans and processing. Go figure.

I was highly mistaken to be excited. My instincts and premonition told me that this job was not mean to be. Being my loyal self, I dismissed them and moved forward with the new responsibilities. This new position was like being dragged by a serial killer that kidnapped me and tied me to his fancy car with a hidden motor & transmission problem. All my allegations came to light on Wednesday morning at approximately 10:30am.

I was taken advantage of, belittled, and worst of all the manager who never did there job was always quick to point the finger at the newbies he failed to properly train and assist once the courses were going full speed ahead. After several attempts to get help on a major issue that he could only provide, this annoying dirty shame set this new team up for failure because it was too easy to get away with.

So here we are five highly intelligent individuals with proven metrics under the subject torn down to nothing and blamed for every negative outcome of his ridiculous management tactics. Talk about unethical behavior, well I can’t because that would be against policy. So I went to the next level of command only to be shot down and brushed aside with a cup of insult added into the mix. The irony of my situation is my new manager was my trainer when I started with this company. I looked up to him because of how young he was and how well he worked with people and that level of connect he gave to our class.

Now all the policies and procedures went flying out the door with the accuracy and teamwork. Once I complained on him for threatening me and my pay, He made it his soul mission to torture me into quitting. Backfire to the face for him though. Guess he did not get the memo that my quality and compliance were above average and my supervisor as well as my team mates had a very close bond. Just the way my supervisor gave me a letter of recommendation, I had done the same for him on two occasions and in the midst of my training courses, my former supervisor became the head honcho ie the man in charge.

He finally asked what all the fuss was about and set the situation straight and one thing I always admired was his fairness and honesty.  Those to attributes saved me from becoming another contribution to the deficit of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

He retaliated against me by cutting me out of the team and opportunities, messed wit my pay, deleted my hours and refused to put in a schedule so I could clock in. He also slandered my name and every time he found out they wanted me for some other position he went and told the operations managers lies and accusations that caused them to be blinded and ignore my defined skill. How does this fall into play you ask? Well the whole pay issue sent me into debt and life has been crummy in and out of work because my feelings, and pride was stomped on. So when he pulled me into another office without notifying my current manager, he attempted to tell me I was fired.

Talk about causing a scene. I did exactly that and I asked him so how come now you are trying to tell me I’m under your management but yet for the past three months I was cut-off from everything else. I got highly upset and thank the heavens and good Karma another undiscovered freedom fighter who came to my rescue and helped me out by stating verifiable facts and figures.  She brought in other authorities and was the first person to stand up for justice in that place of business. She recognized my talents and I wish I could publicly announce my thanks. Because of her and a few others this poor example of company politics was unsuccessful at terminating me.

He rocked my soul so bad I am angry. It takes a lot to truly make me angry and he succeeded. I can’t believe his ridiculous behavior has been ignored and he has been allowed to act in this way. His metrics are very bad at this point and I have a paper trace to back my part up. So to the unnamed manager (policy and procedure) We the people assume you guilty until you prove your innocence by verifiable facts and figures!!!!!

Funny thing is because of the actions he chose, many upper level management now knows what he is assumed guilty of.


6 thoughts on “Loyal Worker vs Corporate Politician Bully

  1. So life went on after this happened but I was not the same. I felt isolated and down right lelittled to the size of an atom. My mind could not take it anymore. I sacrified a year away from family and Job Corps taught me about labor laws and the workforce. I would be a hypocrit to leave it alone and go about my business. To be continued…


  2. My true being tells me not to give up because I believe in the power of hope and motivation through loyalty and dedication; unfortunately most of the world differs in opinion. I came from the “other side” (management) to help out an endangered line of business near the brink of extinsion. At least thats what they lead us to believe. It could be a method of pressure to accelerate performance and bring out the best in the individuals. Reality check, it’s entirely too much pressure and negative feedback. I feel like nothing is good enough and I’m not the only one. We are not content with the lack of acknowledgment or good praise. A good pat on the back never hurt the one giving it but the lack there of will hurt the recipiant.
    Pooring my heart soul and dedication for the greater cause of the company and the city I live in was suicide played out to the public. Yes, I am a subject matter expert, just ask me like many others do. Yes, I stay up to date with the changes that come flying at us at light speed. No, it’s not easy to do your job but it’s not easy for the under dogs either, in fact, its one of the most difficult encounters you can imagine. Difficult if you are actually doing it by the book and not whizing through just to get a bonus. That extra time I take to resolve someones issue could have saved many lives in my justification.
    So heath forward with that silly notion that I should just ignore the man pleading for his life because of a spreading cancer devouring his energy to eat. Never will I let innocent blood stain my hands for a so called score on a piece of paper, I must admit I will be insubordanate to the idea of ignoring his plead for mercy to speed up a decision from his insurance plan that could make or break his very essence. Shame on thy soul for complaining about a little reading or a minor typo, I’m sure that man and his family have lagitimate complaints and I rest assure his grandchildren and loved one are forever greatful for my efforts whcih go unseen like the wind coming out of your mouth.

    For the people, by the people and one love for liberty and justice for the hard workers of Wichita, Ks.


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