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Assumed Guilty

Good people still exist!!!!!!!!!!

I have been tortured and tormented by bad management since may of 2011. Thinking life was about to change and my dream is finally in action, I was excited to hear I had gotten the position to train one of the most complex subjects there is, Medicare insurance plans and processing. Go figure.

I was highly mistaken to be excited. My instincts and premonition told me that this job was not mean to be. Being my loyal self, I dismissed them and moved forward with the new responsibilities. This new position was like being dragged by a serial killer that kidnapped me and tied me to his fancy car with a hidden motor & transmission problem. All my allegations came to light on Wednesday morning at approximately 10:30am.

I was taken advantage of, belittled, and worst of all the manager who never did there…

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  1. Donate

    Donate to someone even if its just a pencil to a needy child or a can of corn to the bum on the corner blowing his harmonica horn.

    Negotiate for lower prices at large corporations. Negotiate at garage sales people are selling valueble things at next to nothing to pay rent. Help em out.

    Conversate to someone who is sad or down and let them know “It wil work out just like it always does!” Then let them know to join the Middle Finger Movement. It only cost a few breathes and a couple of vowels. I’m sure we can afford that.


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