On Mentoring: “A Very Special Episode”

Childhood Relived

January is National Mentoring Month. 

Did you know that?  Oh, you didn’t.  Well, perhaps that’s because you were off celebrating National Bath Safety Month.  Or National Blood Donor Month.  Or National Oatmeal Month.  All causes worth celebrating, all worthy of a promotional month.  Especially the oatmeal one.  I like it in cookies.  But, alas, National Cookie Month is not until October.

So rather than nosh on a bowl of oatmeal, I got to thinking.  Could I help promote National Mentoring Month on my blog?  Could I help urge people to mentor?  People who do not include drug dealers and van-driving “modeling agents”?

I know!  What if I were to have a “Very Special Episode” on my blog, much in the way of the sitcoms of yore?

[Editor’s Note:  Very Special Episodes were a public service announcement gimmick on the Must See TV of the 80s.  Typically, this involved your favorite sitcom characters suddenly breaking from their normally…

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