PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE! Post because time is running out!!!!! Should I report it?

My question is….

 should I report this on a national level with all the evidence I have?

Or should I not and demand change and higher pay for everyone? 

The corporate gangster in yhe first post of this story is still training and i’ve yet to be paid.

Ive made a few signs of showers I was told & an investigation took place without my statement.  This transpired in the month we concur in on this very day.

Had it been investigated thouroughly back in October during my official report, or even September unofficially, maybe I could have been spared all the emotional turmoil, betrayl, and the mental laberynth I desperatley failed to escape could haveBlack Berry Molasses By Mista Youtube…..Maybe it is something we can change. been avoided or no where near as detrimental.  Maybe I could have purchased that three story house I’ve dreamed of all my life.  Maybe I could have moved my orphan brother and sister in that house and even my let my son’s dog his Grandma gave him live in the dog house that was built on to the back.  Maybe I could have kept that appoinment with the nice woman the real estate man wanted me to see so we could start the process, it was going to be hard to let go of all that money I had saved.

I can’t help but wonder you know.  What is it like to have a home to call you own.  Too bad that dream was cut right out of my scalp and left to bleed gallons and gallons of hardworking blood, and cells of worked time.

Too bad for my kids who need a yard to run free in.

You see I have to weigh the risks and know that I will be emotionally strained and forced to relive that piercing pain, and that with my knowledge, I have the potential to shut that place down and all those workers I care about could potentially lose there income.

PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE and leave a comment because I’m torn and I don’t know what to do!


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