Tragedy of Corporate Gangsters: True Story

I just want to be heard.

Tragedy of Corporate Gangsters: True Story.

My true being tells me not to give up because I believe in the power of hope and motivation through loyalty and dedication; unfortunately most of the world differs in opinion.  I came from the “other side” (management) to help out an endangered line of business near the brink of extinsion.  At least thats what they lead us to believe.  It could be a method of pressure to accelerate performance and bring out the best in the individuals.  Reality check, it’s entirely too much pressure and negative feedback.  I feel like nothing is good enough and I’m not the only one.  We are not content with the lack of acknowledgment or good praise.  A good pat on the back never hurt the one giving it but the lack there of will hurt the recipiant.     Pooring my heart soul and dedication for the greater cause of the company and the city I live in was suicide played out to the public.  Yes, I am a subject matter expert, just ask me like many others do.  Yes, I stay up to date with the changes that come flying at us at light speed.  No, it’s not easy to do your job but it’s not easy for the under dogs either, in fact, its one of the most difficult encounters you can imagine. Difficult if you are actually doing it by the book and not whizing through just to get a bonus.  That extra time I take to resolve someones issue could have saved many lives in my justification.     So heath forward with that silly notion that I should just ignore the man pleading for his life because of a spreading cancer devouring his energy to eat.  Never will I let innocent blood stain my hands for a so called score on a piece of paper, I must admit I will be insubordanate to the idea of ignoring his plead for mercy to speed up a decision from his insurance plan that could make or break his very essence.  Shame on thy soul for complaining about a little reading or a minor typo, I’m sure that man and his family have lagitimate complaints and I rest assure his grandchildren and loved one are forever greatful for my efforts whcih go unseen like the wind coming out of your mouth.

For the people, by the people and one love for liberty and justice for the hard workers of Wichita, Ks.



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