Weekly Address: Cutting Waste, Investing in the Future | The White House

I believe that “Knowledge is power and power is the key to success!”Oronagrafix©2003.  This would explain why the entire Americas has fallen so quickly in the global competitive market.  I can agree with Obama that no child should be left behind, but what about those of us from Generation X, & Y who studied, got into heaping debt, and were never able to find a career in the areas we spent most of our lives studying?  Why are companies so reluctant to pay newbies and give them a fighting chance?  An internship are you kidding me!!!

I have bills just like the owner, the building the business runs in, and the payroll distribution department does.  Seriously how many people can really afford to intern, where does that leave those of us who have no support frame, who paid our own way through, and single mothers that are trying to build a future from the hood up?  Leaves us out of the Job Market competition that is where. 

Graphic design is what fuels marketing and an array of services, with out it we would know nothing.  I’m just curious why I was lied to throughout my youth thinking that I’m going to be economically stable when I grow up because I went to college.  I figured the American dream by 25 but then life hit me and I woke up.  The arts are one of the most difficult industries there is but yet one of the core foundation of business is creativity.  Everyone wants an intern or pro bono and my kids want fun memories and I could use a studio to shoot photos.  For a worthy cause and tastefully so, I have no problem but I always thought it was education that paved the success rate, not shortcuts, and greed pouncing on a college kid dream making rates.

Weekly Address: Cutting Waste, Investing in the Future | The White House


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