“Slither Away Vlad”….That’s Exactly Why This Blog Was Created

Indian Government surveys have pointed out tha...
Indian Government surveys have pointed out that Poverty is widespread in all communities. Indian definition of poverty is living life with less than 0.25 US$/Day(Approx). Whereas United nations definition of Poverty is living life with less than $1/Day. India Watch :: Poverty Line More than 65% of forward Castes will be living below poverty line if UN poverty definition is considered. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello to all my readers, fans, and any other walks of life.  A gentleman, Vlad,  made the first complaint about assumedguilty.

It made me excited though because I’m growing thanks to all of you.  His complaint stemmed upon the commenting area.  Although I am PROBAMA he seems not to be.  However on Assumed Guilty we do not discriminate or isolate being this blog was started because of the infringement on my right to express freedom of speech.  Thus for I would like to thank him for pointing out my lack of follow up, replies, and minimum to commentors.  I will need to look further into this new knowledge but I can’t judge a man for actions he can’t control or his excitement due to loving history.

I started the Middle Finger Movement because I feel that poverty is a vicious cycle that many people spend a life time trying to eject themselves from but the minute you see the exit sign some greed forsaken person is persistent to push reload.  I am still in poverty but that is ok.  I can be happy with or without because….


poverty has given me the highest ranking wealth of all….knowledge and the ability to sur

vive through hunger, pain, anguish, torture, mental disturbia, prejudice, and all categories of pain that can be inflicted.  It has also taught me joy! Happiness is truly found within and

through the people you choose to surround yourself with.  Joy is found through caring & sharing.

Middle = middle class and

Finger = finger point th

e guilty who finger point us for social economic decline by assuming them guilty until proven innocent by verifiable facts and figures
Movement = now a GLOBAL MOVEMENT to support the local mom and pop shops, artist, events, small business, start up business, community based organizations, charities, and non-profits that focus on the people and not the money.

These people, places, and things are dropping like dominos while huge corporations (corporate gangsters) that help criminal officials (white collar mafia) destroy the existence of checks and balances amongst the nations.  This can only cause chaos through the ghettos and war amongst the people with ammunition and funds to defend themselves.

If the “little guys” seize to exist then where does that leave the rest of the population, primarily those who could never go to school, those trying to recover from a life of crime, those who need a store within walking distance, and those who own them as well as the employees?
On public assistance, committing crimes to feed families, and eventually the Mexican Cartel will seize the opportunity to do what they are striving for.  DOMINATION OF THE AMERICAN NATIONS.

So all the racism that is thrown around will most defiantly be an advantage to some and disadvantage to others.

  •  Example the man who brought the comments issue to my attention was harassed and disrespected racially for simply expressing his opinion on “Where Does Pure Genius Come From?”
  • which leads me to think if the Cartel pounces at our stupidity and lack of unity in America, just how many fed up citizens of culture, residents, natural born, and so called “aliens” will commit treason for some can goods, or gun power?

Racist people it’s time to grow up and remember the famous phrase…

“If you can’t beat them join them!”.

America is not my country nor is any country to any man. 

A country is simply a wealth of land created by a freaking star that turned into a comet and eventually spun so much it collected and collected other meteorites, space rocks, and whatever other terminology I don’t feel like getting into.  This small article in space eventually amassed into a massive object in space and with all the cracks and holes throughout the surface and inner structure it began to grow bigger and shape because of temperature change.  All that rotating and spinning back and forth by the sun formed pressure and humidity which we know creates water.  The waters eventually etched mountains and valleys amongst other things.

We all have our beliefs on how the star got there in the first place and where life came from.  God is love, love is light.  So live up let go and forgive the enemy for those who give mercy, compassion, and nurture any and all creations will be the ones to reap the wealth of the land in it’s ending per the bible.

  The earth is not going to blow up and I am not going to disintegrate.  The earth is a teenager right now and is about to hit puberty.  Lands will fall under oceans and seas will rise above mountains.  So once this happens and your bank is inside a crevice with your home, community, and autos will you be able to survive like us poor folks?  Just a thought from Floetry….the loud mouth, polite, uncensored 27 year old female, first generation american of Hispanic, Puerto Rican, Native, Irish, German, something else from the North Side Hood (ghetto), a reject of our system, and a product of the environment society created for me.  I’m assumed guilty of my inner beliefs that are guided by experience, wisdom, insight, soul, body, and mind.  www.blogtalkradio.com/life-is-poetry!!!


Express your right of freedom of speech!!

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