Life Lessons… Confession

Born into struggle and forbidden circumstances hindered forward motion to what we know as life advances.

Born with an abnormal ora sensing fear at every opportunity, change, and venture; I fumbled through life and any attempts were approached like a praying mantis.

When life rolled the dice folding me two times thrice, I broke all my rules and took advantage of any random chances.

Glances and stances from every direction.

Bandits enchanted at my true imperfections.

Wrecklessly so, spiraling down and sideways at my totally blind discretion.

Lord o Lord this was never my good intention please hit the emergency brakes I’m in critical need of reflection.

Scratch that steering myself this means redirection, there is no need to stop I’ll just start with a new indention.


Copyrights Orona Grafix 2012

….really appreciation I refused to mention.  Please come back this time I’ll pay attention

Oh wait, no time got to follow my intuition.  This opportunity will prosper I’m sure if I take caution it will provide me redemption.

What did I do, where the hell did I lose comprehension.  You didn’t come to my side you threw the spike strips through my persistent drive.

This is my  confession and analysis of my lesson.

I didn’t hear your warnings because I refused every message you sent through silent  mention.  Indeed I always pay attention but patience lost it’s virtue when my success and aspirations received an unjustified eviction.

Yes I petitioned your judgment and motioned a modification of this defaulted sentence. I needed a new trial really, to rephrase…an appeal to this conviction.

An epiphany bestowed me after all damage was done.  I called on you awaiting miraculous retraction but every time you came to my jurisdiction I gave no satisfaction asking for a continuance each time increasing the negligent actions.

Your blessings are signs of caution at times even outright rescues by form of disastrous suspension.  If one neglected those blessings shamelessly disrespecting than redemption takes longer because damages require restitution through strides, Lord you drive this time I’ve learned to ride and acknowledge those I’ve hurt through my own recognition.

To conclude for the record as my closing statement…. This is my confession of how I failed the courses I took, speeding through the paths and in rudley ignoring the people past and present; Allowing myself to be violated to the point of condemnation because of deeply rooted fear that lead to procrastination.

The truth be told in my confession……………………….. I earned a hard life lesson!


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