Corpoate Gangsters; White Collar Mafia mini me’s.

English: Mafia 2 logo
Image via Wikipedia Today I got the worst shock in years, hurt, and downright belittled. Betrayed is the only way to explain it. My corporate underpaid job, has decided I am a sore bump that need not be irritated and I felt the soul shocker of betrayal once again.Have you ever been so loyal and always willing to help your employer only to find yourself abandoned and left alone when the times get tough and risky? Our discoveries were all founded on some type of risk. The sad thing is that those of us who are good workers are often bullied by the corporate gang known as upper management.Violence in t he workplace is strictly prohibited and discrimination is as well, but I have yet to see this be t he case. Corporate 500 companies are another word for politics and fraud. Those three subjects are all tied in. If you look at the structure of a gang it’s all the same.Well today I was a victim of that game and I need a community judgment.Continued……..Case # 11ag2An outsourcing company in Wichita, KsVs.Liberty & Justice in Wichita, KsThe plaintiff alleges that the defendant has bullied her through discrimination and unethical conduct. The plaintiff alleges an unfair judgment against her character and political bias. The plaintiff also alleges dedicating unpaid hours and witness to management breaking all the rules and faulting on the job which has resulted in termination to innocent people. The plaintiff also alleges the company lacks integrity because they do not care about the underdog position which meets the metrics set forth by their upper management and hate and animosity throughout management. The plaintiff also alleges retaliation and backstabbing by her former supervisor. This supervisor has lost sight of his moral characteristics that he was once admired for. The supervisor in question once used the plaintiff as a peon to help his entire team out. Extra work for the sake of the team, even the responsibilities of the boss and sacrificed bonus money and pay for performance. Many unpaid hours of overtime and forced to work overtime for many months straight, this must be in some violation of the law and a moral embarrassment.This employee stayed loyal and when asked for feedback on this supervisor she spoke the truth and helped him get notice by the “head recruiter” and accurately pointed out his good points and not the bad ones. Now that this supervisor has since been promoted his head has gone through his legs and up his medulla oblongata. He refuses to listen to the employee because he feels they are not of urgent care.What he fails to see is the hurt and pain in the loyal employee’s eyes when he left her out in the cold. He also fails to see the consequences of his belittling and neglect to his once star performer. Those consequences will be a report to every entity all the laws violated.You be the judge. Should the employee just take a back seat and remain unhappy and silent witness to the wrong doing of the corporate gang or does she have a case and should the corporate gang be brought to justice and assumed guilty?Place your judgment or post a jury discussion and help her decide.Related articlesImage via Wikipedia






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