What is the Middle Finger Movement

Middle Finger Movement





Underlining Society

Middle-Class & Americans under the poverty level







Middle/lower class Americans

Finger point the guilty responsible

Movement to justify inequality and hold the greedy accountable.



Before it’s too late.  Spread the word and post your opinions and ideas.


Your community

In your local area.





Conquer discrimination through social inequality.


MFM is a strategy to boost economical hardship created by the wealthy and politicians.  To promote the dream of being successful and self reliant.  The richer are getting richer off the struggling society & we contribute to our own demise by supporting large corporations who misinform us and support corrupt politicians that fight against improving social inequality .
This is corporate greed and they are Corporate Gangs that promote unethical behavior and are also part of a larger scale White Collar Mafia! 



Support local business!

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& place it into action.  You be the judge, jury and prosecutor and lower their profit and sentence them through peaceful efforts.
Take Poetic Justice into action by supporting local small business, artist and independent contractors.


    5 thoughts on “What is the Middle Finger Movement

    1. To the commenter above, for the wealthy who have obtained success honestly so without ever compromising the founding morals that build a decent person, then the Middle Finger Movement supports you and you are a fine example of what putting your back into it really means. We ask that you help out the next business owner and shop locally at the mom and pop shops that are struggling to stay afloat and off social programs.


    2. Nonsense on stilts. Vague, sweeping, unspecific charges that rely on the unsubstantiated assumption that economic inequality is per se a proof of wrongdoing. Of course, a specific instance of inequality can be a manifestation of wrongdoing: if a bank robber obtains a million bucks of ill-gotten gain, he has obtained an income greater than his neighbor’s by unjust and criminal means. But if he attains that million by peacefully and honestly selling something of value on the market to those who wish to buy it, his unequal income is not unjust at all.


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