Passion grew from my experience of discrimination, poverty, & witness to deliberate negligence and empathy for those who suffer.


Another Latina shot down and set back from lifting her family out of the hood and into a secure lifestyle.  Loss of faith in people, and loss of faith in those she once trusted and looked up to.

Side Effect:

Mental disturbia led to insomnia and a pain so deep that I could not even hide it from my kids.  Baby boy asked me why I worried so much and told me I should relax.

My response to him,”I feel like I was put on this earth to make a difference.  All my life those around me have called me crazy and laughed at me because they have been stuck in the hood and the scope they have on life is the same that I one had, every woman for herself.”  I told him “Son, people do evil things that hurt another but they will one day have karma.  When you do good things, you reap great things.  When you do bad things, you will have your judgment day sooner hopefully then later.”  He does understand even at the tender age of 8 because he has struggled right along side me in poverty.  “Son, sometimes you have to sacrifice or even suffer so that other people who you might love or you don’t even know so one day they might be treated right and appreciated for what they are worth.” 


I am a reflection of what happens when a child never embraced child hood.  I am a reflection of what lack of love can ignite.  I am a reflection so profound, the ripple wave from hatred title waves can not phase me.  I am a reflection of segregated society.  I am a reflection of Dr. Martin Luther King jr.’s dream that has yet to be fully manifested. 


I had a dream, that one day I would see the light of fortune.  I had a dream taht one day I could get my mother good health care and the new kidney she needs.  I had a dream that my daddy would not have to bear blistering cold weather at minimum wage while lifting massive concrete for another greedy infrastructure.  I had a dream that my daddy could actually relax for once in his life and know what it was like to enjoy the beauty of life.  I had a dream that one day my little orphan sister could forgive the torture done to her and know the true feeling of happiness.  I had a dream that one day my little orphan brother would know what it feels like to be independant and recognized for good behavior and accomplishments.  I have a dream that today I can make a difference in somebody’s life.  My vision is that we the under dog’s, and underground society of America can get our selves out of this mess just like slavery, segregation and todays social inequalities particularly in the work force.  Upper management with high salaries and little work is determined on corporate politics.  Service in certain spectrums are detrmined on financial status.  I’m rejecting today’s status quo and embracing the “Middle Finger Movement”!  Drain the pockets of the greedy and support your local entrepenures as they are more needy.


Intercept your falling economy and help your neighbor.  Life is poetry and it’s time we serve a taste of Poetic Justice.


2 thoughts on ““MIDDLE FINGER MOVEMENT” We Salute!

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