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Have you ever asked your self what if? What if I was doing that job or what if I had that car? Why would you ask yourself something like that if you did not feel you deserved it, or did you? A success story is a combination of hard work, and motivation. Success can only be called success if acquired in a tasteful manner without doing so tastefully. Torn morals are a reflection of a week minded individual who will do any thing for wealth including preying on scorn sorrows.

Mind games are just that the mind was never intended to be played like a keys on a violin.

I am a freedom fighter and on this day I declare myself a social advocate and global siren for all of those who have suffered at the hands of corporate greed and white collar mafia. I will fight for my right to voice my opinion and be known for my gifts and morals nothing less. I believe in a damaged person and I am determined to see that the efforts of all the historical freedom fighters are not overshadowed by corporate greed. It is my duty to urge you and “make a difference” in our society. I want to use my rights and express myself with no fear of retaliation from the guilty who have contributed to the demise of the world trade and the greatest depression in the history or humanity. I promise to honor and hold true a good heart and strong morals through out this journey.

Not only am I an exception to statistics that label young American adults and Hispanics, but I am an inspirational product of my poverty restricted environment. A prime example of a faulty Social-Judicial System and the truth behind what certain members of the House of Congress fail to consider. The human soul and the psychological need for love and affection.

I can see the greater outcome that many overlook. I also have the analytical skills to know that the small details do matter and small issues will turn into catastrophic outcomes. I understand I am a one woman army and I alone cannot combat the sources of the problem but I can start an action toward unification. Let freedom ring through word of mouth and visual movement.

Liberty & Justice of Wichita, Ks.

ZENIT – The Cristero War: the Story Behind the Cover Up


ZENIT – The Cristero War: the Story Behind the Cover Up

This publishing is an interesting article that feeds into the depths of the truth and religion.  I did not write this article but I felt it was a great insight into the realities of life, but most of all life in Mexico.  In today’s time the Mexican Cartel is similar to the slayers of Christ’s followers. El Salvador has an even worse condition for social reform.  These locations are of mass mayhem and predictions lead to a revolution approaching at the end of this year.  The Holy Book states that those of evil hearts and no sense of justice will be fallen to famine and not spared.

The Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012.  In all reality it is the end…..the end of the world as we have known it.  Greed gets you green but it will never lead you finish off with a win.  Those who are kind hearted and giving will be prosperous and reap the beauty’s of the land. 

So let the stories behold letting the truth unfold

of so many sagas in the history of the nations that have gone to long untold.

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